Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mount Sinai Referring Physician Portal?

    The Mount Sinai Medical Center refPortal is an internet-based program specially developed to provide physicians who refer their patients to specialists at Mount Sinai Medical Center secure, close to realtime information about their patients' treatment progress.

  • How do I sign-up to become a refPortal physician

    To establish your own refPortal account, please click here to register, or email If you have questions or need help signing up, please call 877.241.4983.

  • What computer equipment does refPortal Require?

    Processor:   Pentium 2 (minimum)
    Memory:   256 Mb (minimum)
    Hard Disk:   512 Mb free space (minimum)
    Monitor/Resolution:   17 inch / 800 x 600
    Connection Speed:   56k dial-up (minimum)
    Browser:   Internet Explorer 6.02

  • What is the time period for viewing my patient's medical record online through the refPortal program?

    The current window is 180 days from the time the patient is seen at the Mount Sinai Medical Center.

  • Can my office staff get their own refPortal account?

    Once a licensed physician(s) in the practice establishes their refPortal account with a secure log-in name and password,the physician/s may identify office personnel to receive security rights under the physician's account to access patient reports for their physician.

  • How is the message triggered to be sent to the refPortal physician?

    The patient's medical record will have the referring physician referenced as a refPortal physician. Once the encounter is closed, that closing triggers the system to send an email notification letting the refPortal physicians know that there is new information to be viewed based on patient concerned. That is why it is very important that your patients identify you as the referring physician when they come to Mount Sinai Medical Center

  • What time is the email notification sent?

    We send email notification to the refPortal physicians to check the "Referrals" information for each of your patients added to your list.

  • Can refPortal physicians respond back to a Mount Sinai Medical Center specialist through their refPortal account?

    Not at this time. Eventually we hope that this communication channel would be available to our referring physicians, but for now, please contact the specialist by phone should any questions arise.

  • Is refPortal a replacement for physician to physician collaboration?

    Absolutely not. In fact, our Mount Sinai Medical Center specialists see refPortal as an enhancement to the relationships that physicians have built or are starting to build with each other. Communicating via the phone is still a necessary part of working with physicians who entrust their patient's care to specialists at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

  • Is the refPortal physician able to see the entire medical record of their patient?

    Not at this time. Eventually we hope that patient's entire medical record would be available to our referring physicians, but for now, some of the reports are to be shown.